Huang group established a world-class platform for organic inorganic hybrid electronic nanomaterial synthesis, materials characterization, device fabrication and device characterization, which comprise of five fully renovated research labs, two student offices, one break room, with a total area of >5000 sqft..


Chemical synthesis

Chemical hoods (6) 8 feet or 12 feet

Rotary evaporator---Buchi Interface I-300

Centrifuge----Beijing Era Beili Centrifuge Co., LTD

Schlenk system in chemical hood

Ultrasonic sonicator---Branson 

Thin film deposition by solution process

Double length glovebox with four gloves----MBraun

Gloveboxes with two gloves----MBraun

Gloveboxes with three gloves----MBraun

Double sided glovebox with slot die coater, a blade coater and a spin coater----MBraun

Glovebox with a spin coater----Vac

Glovebox with a spin coater----Vigor

A blade coater in flow hood--- Flow science

A blade coater in walk-in chemical hood

Thin film deposition by vacuum process

Angstrom thermal evaporation---COVAP II

Edward thermal evporation---Edwards E306A

Angstrom thermal evaporation---NEXDEP

Thermal evaporation in MBraun glovebox

Metal sputtering----Kurt Lesker PVD 75

Atom layer deposition---Veeco/Cambridge Nanotech Savannah S200

Material processing


Ball miller---Eura Drives

Heat press---MP170

UVO cleaner---Jelight 144AX

Plasma Etch---PE25-JW


Vacuum Oven---SGZX-6020

Material Synthesis & Fabrication


X-ray diffraction ---Rigaku MiniFlex

Profilometer---Dektak XT

FT-IR spectrometer ---Spectrum Two

PL and PL lifetime mapping and TRPL spectrometer---Fluo time 300 

Time-Resolved Photoluminescence---HORIBA Dleta Flex

Photoluminescenc spectrometer ---iHR320

UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer---LAMBDA 1050

UV-Visible spectrophotometer ---Thermo Scientific Evolution 201

Material Characterization Spectroscopy


Solar simulator (4)

IPCE (EQE) system

Stability MPP tracking System

Keithley 2400 (10)

Keithley 2601

Keithley 4200A-SCS

Probe Station---Lake Shore 

Lock-in Amplifiers---Model SR830 and Model SR850 

Low-Noise Preamplifier---Model SR560

Low-Noise Current Preamplifier---Model SR570

Oscilloscope with signal generator---Agilent Technologies DSO-X 3104A

Dynamic signal analyzer---35670A Aligent 

Function generator---Protek B8020FD 

Small X-Y scanning stage---PI MP139EK

Large X-Y scanning stage---Vexta pk 245‑01AA

Device & Material Characterization


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